Matt Barrie – You MotherF*cking A$$hole

Dear A$$hole a.k.a Matt Barrie

As if you were not content with torturing every person registered on your FRIGGIN WEBSITE!!!

As if you were not content with violating Chaim’s  identity day in and day out and harassing him both in person and public, personally and financially!!!

As if you were not content with leveling seriously maligning and misleading allegations about me being someone you conjured up from thin air (not to talk about my money)!!!


Agreed that your BOTTOMLESS BIT OF GREED is never going to get filled!!!

Agreed that you have used this ILL GOTTEN money which RIGHTFULLY BELONGS TO OTHERS!!!



Still…. I used to believe that you had an ounce of humanity left in you. But sadly, this has been proven otherwise. YOU ARE A PIG !!!

This time Matt Barrie, even you,the biggest B@$t@rd on the face of this planet, have seriously CROSSED ALL LIMITS !!!

Not just content with

1.) Stealing from others

2.) Violating people’s privacy

3.) Killing off their income generation capabilities

You have now stooped to a new low.

You will now be responsible for a family being displaced and maybe the death of a woman as well. All the ill-informed people can take a look at this link –

At least spare this poor soul you MURDERER!!!


Alternatives to – Viable alternatives to the scam being run by Matt Barrie

This post has taken a long time to write as I have been thoroughly researching for viable and better alternatives to the scam being run by Matt Barrie. Here is a list of the various sites that I have compiled over the past few weeks:-

1.) Elance

2.) Odesk

3.) Guru

These are the three sites on which I have registered and used the same for some time to ensure that they were legit and did not cause problems similar to the ones that plague the con artists at freelancer(dot)com

So please request your freelancer colleagues and employers (both present and prospective) who have been using freelancer(dot)com to shift to the sites mentioned above.

Some of the salient features provided by the sites I have mentioned are:-

a.) Milestone payments possible

b.) Escrow facility available

c.) Very very helpful, non robotic and non moronic support staff

d.) Various safeguards against fraudulent freelancers and employers

So my dear friends, ardent supporters and all those who have been scammed by Matt Barrie, please take a look at the sites that I have mentioned in this post and feel free to continue working independently without being hassled for your personal information.

I request readers to leave the names of some other websites that meet the aforementioned criteria as comments on this post.

Au revoire Scam – Fighting Back – How to cancel Paypal Billing Agreement

For all those who have been tormented at the hands of the MOTHER F*CKIN SCAMMERS  who run freelancer(dot)com site, here is a small time tip.

This tip is important in two scenarios:-

1.) You do not want to use the site for any reason whatsoever or do not plan to use the site for any time period longer than one month.

2.) You have been contacted by the ‘Concierge’ from this scam setup.

YES!!! You CAN cancel you automatic billing agreement with this scam website in a few easy steps which are:-

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click Profile near the top of the page.
  3. Click My money.
  4. Click Update in the My preapproved payments section.
  5. Click CancelCancel automatic billing, or Cancel subscription and follow the instructions.

For more details please click on this PAYPAL LINK

In case you have a Credit Card/Bank Account/Debit card or any other payment method attached please contact your bank/payment method to stop these criminals from taking these people down.


All the Best!!! Scam – Failed Trap, Tomfoolery or plain Stupidity?

Recently I received this mail in my inbox

Hi EditorJCwriter,

Good day!

It has come to our attention that the project “Quick / fun blog articles on current events” requires the same skill set that you have. We have been in touch with the employer “SustEnterprise,” and I am happy to inform you that we have recommended your services to them.

The details of the project are as follows:

Project ID: 4517533
Project Name: Quick / fun blog articles on current events
URL link:

You may bid on the project if you are interested. To bid on the project, just click on the “Bid on this Project” button at the top or bottom of the bid listing to access the bid form. Enter your bid amount, the number of days for delivery, and any necessary details, then click the “Place Bid” button.

Once done, you can contact the other party to discuss the project in detail.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Albert Turner Concierge

p: 1855 2800 760 ext: 110

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: ORO-300-86193
Department: Concierge
Type: Issue
Status: In Progress
Priority: Unset

Support Center:

I admit, I was at a loss for words. The ‘Concierge’ department mailing me after all this time? How considerate of these B@ST@RDS.

That when these JERKW@DS had blocked my account many months ago and I have not logged into the site after that. They also publicly mentioned that the profile would be deleted ‘soon’.

Now, I am not interested in discussing whether this is just a trap that Matt Barrie’s team of expertly demented and mentally challenged advisers cooked up or it was just some tomfoolery on the behalf of a Mr. Albert Turner (who I am sure is as fake as Valerie Scott and Emir). Maybe it was just plain stupidity on the part of the self proclaimed messiah of the Australian IT industry of this century – Mr. Matt Barrie himself.

All I am interested in is replying to these scammers via this post – Whatever it is that you were trying to achieve via this email, please take it and shove it up your @sses you MOTHER F**KING SONS OF B*THCES,


P.S. – Maybe Matt Barrie needs a handout because the traffic to his website is at an all time low now. Check out Alexa Rankings