The Truth about Empower Network

Love it or loathe it, but if you have been a blogger or a member to any of the innumerable affiliate chains, chances are that you have heard the name of empower network more than once.

Empower network is a self-proclaimed Godsend for bloggers, around the world. Nothing could be farther away from truth.

When you take a look at the empower network website, it looks like a normal marketing setup which tries to draw your attention to the banner ad designed to lure in the unsuspecting customers. Clicking on the banner leads you invariably to a red background page with a yellow caution sticker lining the top of the page. The site itself begs you to be cautious with a disclaimer – You can enter only if you promise not to laugh.

Laugh I did, when I saw the one hour video, they show to people as a pre sign up marketing gimmick. I laughed harder when I signed up for their free program and found out the blog they give is a copy of the free WordPress blog that you can sign up for free. Boy oh boy, I thought to myself, these people are charging $25 to provide the free version of the WP blog. Impressive marketing gimmick I must say.

The laughter turned to seriousness when I saw their Products page. They started on October 31, 2011 and have earned $ 24 million till date. Better still they paid $ 1 million in commission in the first week of November 2012. Yeah right, and I am the President of the United States of America.

Two words for those who are thinking of joining this loser network, WATCH OUT!!!

And here is why.

The amount $ 24 million to be earned by a ‘start up’ within one year is a huge achievement. Ever wonder why these people were never featured in the credible magazines if their claims are really true? Simply because they are a bunch of lying and blabbering crooks who can make some great marketing videos.

However, some people will claim that Empower Network does not want to be in this race for ‘fame’. Well, I will accept that one excuse if some one can answer this one question of mine.

If they are so great, why do they save the credit/debit card information of those who enroll with them? Is it, as they claim, to prevent misuse of a single card or is there something more sinister lurking in the background? The only method of earning $24 million within one year of operations is to invent something awesome like the iPhone or Google or something similar.

Repackaging the free version of WP blog to lure unsuspecting customers seems hardly an innovation. Tracking their bank account information, seems an out right crime. There is no law which gives the Empower Network the right to record this information without the permission of the client and nowhere is the permission asked for while the payment is made (closely watched an affiliate sign up taking place).

It is easy for the Empower Network to just vanish into thin air in some months / years  with all the bank account information being used for nefarious purposes.

Not wanting to waste more time on this stupid ‘brilliant idea’ I would like to end this post here itself, though I will be back with more such revelations as and when they happen.


One thought on “The Truth about Empower Network

  1. “The Truth about Empower Network | Jumbled Mumbling
    & Fumbled Rumbling” was a superb article and I actually was very happy to come across
    the blog. Thanks,Abigail

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