What Motivates Students to Get Good Grades?

Each academic institution has its own set of different types of students. Those who strive to get decent grades in college, those who are content being average and some others who tend to languish towards the bottom of the grades table. Students are motivated to achieve excellent grades by a lot of factors. From the choice of subjects to classmates to teachers, the factors influencing a student’s motivation are almost endless. Some students want a class of their peers with whom they share views while others want a more dynamic class room where discussions lead to an enhanced learning environment. The teacher and his/her style of teaching also influence a student’s motivation as do the ambitions of the students themselves. In case, a teacher makes the subject stimulating the student will learn a lot more and consequently achieve a better success rate as compared to a less conducive environment towards learning. Cases have been reported where students have been both adversely and positively influenced by parental pressure and peer performance.

However, it is not correct to term the motivation of the student to external factors only. Internal factors like personal ambitions and, more importantly, student’s ability play an extremely pivotal role in the grades achieved and the motivation to perform on the academic front.

There are times when a student, who has been an average or above average performer, starts performing brilliantly in college knowing that this is the last chance he/she will get to perform academically. On the other hand, there are students who having brilliantly performed all their lives, on the threshold to real application, tend to clamp up and their grades dip for no particular reason. The human psyche is indeed a varied and mysterious entity and trying to find a reason for such questions is certainly no cakewalk.


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