Specs: Nerdy is The New Sexy

Tina Fey regularly dons them with a panache that is out of this world. Sarah Palin tried to do them justice, but failed miserably. Many women are skeptical of donning them while I am a die hard fan. What I am talking about is a pair of glasses.

Being a single woman can at times be annoying and indeed a few years ago, getting fed up of attracting all the wrong kind of guys, I thought of turning myself into the proverbial ugly duckling to avoid the dating scene altogether. Getting a non prescription glasses and wearing minimal make up, I started attending my office in business suits. And that is when I found out that whoever remarked that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder was an expert when it came to how men choose their mates.

Soon, I was being asked out by nice guys, the types you can take home to meet your parents, the kinds with whom you can sail into the sunset. Surprised at this sudden change in fortune, I decided to do some research into the matter. The results that came up can easily give the notion of beauty being skin deep a run for its money. I came up with some interesting things that men had to say about a woman wearing glasses.

  1.       Seem Smarter

A lady with spectacles seems to have an opinion. A guy can talk to his spectacled companion about ‘genes’ without her suspecting his intentions of getting into her ‘jeans’. Many women admit that wearing glasses makes them more self confident.

2.  Get him to focus on your eyes

Honestly, not many guys can tell the difference between ‘fritzer’ pink and cupid pink nor are the guys high on matching boots with accessories, but if you want a guy to notice your beautiful eyes and not just focus on your assets, glasses are the best accessory available.

3.   Intellectual to sexy in a blink

Every guy whether willingly or unwillingly admits that a few things turn them on like a girl taking off her glasses. It’s as if a guy is with a woman wearing glasses, and when she takes them off, viola; he is with an entirely different woman. Trust me ladies, that is something every guy will give an arm for.

On the other hand, girls who ditched glasses for contact lenses noticed a considerable difference in the kinds of guys attracted to them. According to a sophomore at UCLA, on trading in her glasses for contacts, she found that the type of guys hitting on her changed almost overnight. It was as if, the brainy guys had taken a step back and the bird brained guys had a new thing for her. I am sure that many other women have similar incidents they can relate to. Pretty much the opposite of what I experienced.

Well, there you have it, be it for vision correction or accessorizing, spectacles have many uses. In my honest opinion, getting the right guy hitched is the best side effect that pair of glasses can have.


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